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Disco Dome

The Disco Dome is a castle like no other. It is 15ft X 16ft with a massive bounce area due to its design, and is completely enclosed so it stays dry inside no matter what the weather. It is suitable for children up to the age of 12. This Castle is also installed with sound […]

Air Juggler Inflatable Ball Pool Hire

Also known as hover ball ball pools. These bright and colourful ball pools are great fun! These ball pools have a fantastic interactive feature with the addition of Air Jugglers on the sides of each ball pool. Air Jugglers add so much extra fun to the ball pool as children and parents carefully balance the […]

Super Heroes Bouncy Castle

This bouncy castle is available with our amazing digital artwork of your favourite Super Heroes. All little boys love Super Heroes and your little boys are sure to will love our Super Heroes Bouncy castle with such amazing artwork it is sure put a smile on your little boys face. This is our Super Heroes […]

Disco Dome – Moon Walk

This is probably the best inflatable ever! This is our amazing new inflatable Disco Dome. I have been asked many times over the past few years if I have a disco dome with flashing lights, and some disco music! Well now it’s finally possible and because this is so amazing A & R Bouncy Castle […]

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Suitable for children 2 – 12 years old the obstacle course is a popular alternative to the slide, the obstacle course combines tunnels, biff and bash, and a wall with portholes to dive through with a slide to create a whole lot of fun. Contestants race each other over the course to find the fastest.

Bouncy Castle and Slide Combos

A real party favourite. Our castle and slide combo’s provide children with all the fun of a Bouncy Castle and the excitement of a slide. Our front slide Bouncy Castles enables our combo’s to fit into most halls easily.

Inflatable Slides

Slides are always a popular choice and will keep children happy for hours.

Bouncy Castles

You are never too old to have fun on a bouncy castle! We have a large variety of different sizes from 10ft X 10ft to 20ft X 20ft suitable for all ages, toddlers, teens and adults.

Bungee Run

On an inflatable two-lane track, two competitors wear an elasticated bungee cord on their back, they then run as hard as they can to place a marker.

Bungee Eliminator

The eliminator is similar to our standard bungee runs except that the bungee cord passes through the centre wall and is attached to two participants, who then run against each other to collect all of the markers from the edge and return to the start pillar.