Penalty Shoot-out

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shoot Out hire in Cumbria with A & R Bouncy Castles.

Penalty Shoot Out HireA Penalty shoot-out is always popular with both adults and kids. The object of the game is simple; you just to try to get the ball into the holes at the back.

We can also supply a Speed Radar capable of recording speeds up to 90MPH. This opens up a whole new challenge and allows you to run mini competitions during your event. We usually recommend a prize for the highest speed of the day and the participants love it, so not only are you trying to score a goal but you’re also trying to get the ‘fastest ball’ of the day.

We never said we were going to make things easy!

Our Penalty shoot-out is designed so that balls are full contained so that the balls aren’t all over the field. This is ideal for fundraising events as it allows for a quicker turn around for customers.

The Radar gun is mounted on a tripod besides or behind the goal posts.

Penalty Shoot-out size 15ft X 15ft.